The Importance of Continous Professional Development of Teachers


The Importance of Continous Professional Development of Teachers

8 Мая 2019

The Importance of Continous Professional Development of Teachers

Finnish excellence in education is built with pedagogically highly-competent teachers. Finnish teacher development equips teachers with solid theoretical and practical skills in order to facilitate learning for diverse groups of learners. A teacher is a proactive developer of their own work as well as of the schools they work in.

We embrace the importance of teachers’ systematic professional development throughout their careers that benefits the school communities as well as the educational ecosystem around them. 

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High-Impact Teacher Development from Finland

The main purpose of this program is to put all Finnish pedagogical innovations into practice in local context in a meaningful way, build local capacity and provide access into next generation online learning platform for everybody. This teacher education program is designed by prof. Kirsti Lonka, an
expert in innovative learning methods and environments, the author of book “Phenomenal learning from Finland”.

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Comprehensive Teacher Education Services

With our partner network we can offer high-quality training for professionals working in all levels of education system, from kindergartens to universities.

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Explore Finnish Education Innovations

MIF Academy welcomes everyone to explore Finnish education innovations at the Finland Education Experience Center.

During this year we have received several guests from across the world at our Campus. Visitors from Ethiopia, South Africa, Moldova, Russia, The United Arab Emirates and others from several countries have explored the Finnish education system and it's innovations. Would you like to visit?

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